A Middle-eastern charm, the Sultanate of Oman is a natural beauty that has been a significant tourist destination worldwide. A perfect combination of traditions and modernism, there are many things to do in Oman for any visitant. Boasting a rich civilization, the country possesses historical landmarks and architectural wonders that are a must-see.

With so many interesting and exciting places to visit, knowing where to head inside the nation can seem daunting and highly exhausting. However, we have listed some of the top picks for your trip to give you a lifetime experience: -

visit to sultan qaboos grand mosque best things to do in oman instaomanvisa

1. A Visit to Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque

The largest mosque in Oman, the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, is an important spiritual site in the country. Located in the capital city, Muscat, the beautiful place has a serenity that is quite distinctive. With stunningly defined architecture, the place has a soothing vibe that makes every traveller choose Oman for a holiday.

An extravagant modern mosque, the grand iconic structure is a blend of Islamic, Middle Eastern, and Omani architectural styles. Possessing the world's largest chandelier and the largest carpet in its prayer hall, the mosque has a unique charm to it.

wahiba sand tours best things to do in oman instaomanvisa

2. Wahiba Sand Tours

A three-hour drive from Muscat, the adventure playground of Oman, Wahiba Sand, awaits you. A subtle way to experience the primal power of the desert, the place offers a glimpse of the country's untouched beauty. There exist several desert safaris that can take you on an adventurous tour of the site.

Among the tourist places in Oman, touring the Wahiba sands should invariably be part of your travel itinerary. Apart from the safari ride, you can also enjoy the camel jaunt that is a must-do once you set foot on the magical land.

beaches dipping in the turquoise waters best things to do in oman instaomanvisa

3. The Beaches-Dipping in the Turquoise Waters

Oman will spoil you for choices when it comes to the stunning beaches that adorn the land. Known as the beach-lover's paradise, visiting the shorelines of the land is one of the best things to do in the nation. From the magnificent Qantab beach to the beautiful Tiwi beach, the Sultanate offers a lot to every visitor.

With an online Oman visa, visit the splendid beaches of the Sultanate, which is enough to make you return to the place again. Spend some time in the crystal-clear waters of the site and revel in the beauty of the Sultanate.

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jebel akhdar a spectacular mountain range best things to do in oman instaomanvisa

4. Jebel Akhdar- A Spectacular Mountain Range

A section of the Al Hajar Mountain range, touring Jebel Akhdar is a must thing to do in the country. Known for its labyrinth of terraced orchards and wadis, the place is a testimony of the grandeur of the Sultanate of Oman. With a mild Mediterranean climate, one can witness the abundance of life and nature in the place.

From hiking to rock climbing, you can indulge in any of the exciting activities by availing of a visit visa for Oman. From pomegranates and apricots to grapes, the place has everything to grab your attention instantly.

world heritage sites best things to do in oman instaomanvisa

5. A Glance of the World Heritage Sites

Amongst the top things to do in Sultanate is visiting the glorious heritage sites recognized by UNESCO. The places include the Aflaj irrigation system and burial grounds of Ay-Ayn, Bat, and Al Ayn, Bahla fort, the land of Frankincense, and the ancient city of Qalhat.

With a spectacular view, one is bound to be amazed at how these sites have remained intact against the ravages of time, making them a must-visit spot in the nation. You can unravel the nation's rich past built over centuries through a tourist visa for Oman.

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royal opera house best things to do in oman instaomanvisa

6. Royal Opera House

Leading arts and cultural organization in the Sultanate, visiting the Royal Opera House should undoubtedly be on your travel bucket. Offering a soul-stirring experience, the place exuberates a mesmerizing charm that is hard to resist.

A premier venue to witness the fine Islamic architecture and the splendid Omani desert rose stone walls, the Opera House is enough to make you fall in love with the land's beauty. Among the things to do in Oman, touring the Royal Opera House must be done at least once throughout the journey.

shopping spree at muttrah souk best things to do in oman instaomanvisa

7. Shopping Spree at Muttrah Souk

One of the oldest marketplaces in the nation, Muttrah Souk, is amongst the most famous souks in the Sultanate. Located in the Muttrah corniche on a busy street with two main entrances, the place is lined up with numerous shops and winding alleys. Because of its wooden roof that gives little sunlight inside, Muttrah souk is thus, also called Souk Al Thalam or 'Market of darkness.'

Choose Oman for a holiday this vacation and visit the charming old marketplace that has seen the different facades of time and eras. A traditional market, the souk has a modern and antique jewelry arena, household goods, shoes, clothes, perfumes, and spices section.

al jalali fort revisiting the past best things to do in oman instaomanvisa

8. Al Jalali Fort- Revisiting the Past

Catching a glimpse of Al Jalali, or Ash Sharqiah Fort, is one of the best things to do in the country. However, acquiring a special permit to enter the premises is mandatory. Established during the Portuguese occupation, the fort was a prison for several years. At present, it is a museum representing the Omani heritage.

After visiting the mentioned tourist places in Oman, you will likely visit the country on every vacation. The strategic location on the rocky outcrop to the east of the Omani harbor gives a sweeping view of the Gulf, which is a stunning sight to behold.

majestic snake canyon best things to do in oman instaomanvisa

9. The Majestic Snake Canyon

Considered to be one of the largest valleys in the Sultanate, the Snake Canyon is a wadi in the Ad Dakhiliyah region of the country. Lined with picturesque villages, ancient ruins, and the largest natural water park, the canyon will pump up your adrenalin rush in no time.

Offering a combination of trekking, canoeing, abseiling, and swimming, the Snake canyon is the best spot for adventure seekers. While visiting the site is one of the best things to do in Oman, the appeal that the place possesses is hard to resist.

tour of the damaniyat island best things to do in oman instaomanvisa

10. A tour of the Damaniyat Island

A protected area in Oman, touring Damaniyat Island is one of the best things to do in the country. An archipelago of nine islands, the place is surrounded by turquoise waters, exotic fishes, and splendid coral reefs that are a sight to behold.

With an Online Oman visa, you can visit Damaniyat island and indulge in activities like snorkelling and scuba diving. A great place to relax, the spot has tranquillity and serenity that is one of a kind. From sea turtles and zebra sharks to sting rays, moray eals, and migratory birds, the island will soothe and surprise you in every way possible.

turtle reserve the ras al jinz reserve best things to do in oman instaomanvisa

11. Glimpsing the Turtle Reserve- the Ras Al Jinz Reserve

A nesting site for green turtles, the Ras Al Jinz reserve is one of the best places to visit in the nation. The place involves guided turtle nesting tours that allow visitants to witness the breeding of the endangered species.

A visit visa for Oman will enable you to tour the charming place and be a part of the adventure and thrill the reserve offers. While the tours enable visitors to observe the humble creatures closely, it also ensures that human interference doesn't threaten the turtles.

visit the bibi maryam mausoleum best things to do in oman instaomanvisa

12. Visit the Bibi Maryam Mausoleum

A historical landmark in Oman, the Bibi Maryam mausoleum should invariably be a part of your travel itinerary. Located on the Omani coast, south of Muscat in Qalhat, the ancient remain was once a bustling place. The mausoleum is believed to have been constructed by Baha al-Din Ayaz, king of the Hormuz Empire, for his wife, Bibi Maryam, while some say otherwise.

Upon availing of the tourist visa for Oman, you can tour the magnificent site and make unforgettable memories. Bearing witness to the city's former glory, the mausoleum will likely hold your attention and make you fall in love with the place in a wink of an eye.

Home to historical, cultural, and architectural gems, the Sultanate of Oman is celebrated for its unmatched beauty and grandeur. Whether it's your first time visiting the precious land, or your first visit to the Middle East, the land has some incredible sites you should consider seeing.

Blessed with natural wonders ranging from beaches, wadis, fjords, waterfalls, dunes, deserts, and mountains, the country offers plenty of things to see and relish. Amongst the things to do in Oman, visiting the mentioned places should top your travel list.

One of the most accessible and loved destinations in the world, Oman and its captivating intricacies, evident in its culture, and customs to nature, testifies to the country's beauty. In fact, due to the nation's immensity and vastness, visitors may spend two to three weeks exploring the land and still have many unvisited places.

As such, when you choose Oman for a holiday, ensure that you give a tour of the mentioned places that are undoubtedly must-visit attractions acclaimed and loved worldwide.