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Oman visa for GCC countries

About Insta UAE Visa for Oman Visa Application

To travel to Oman safely and securely, most visitors will require an Oman visa.

Different cases and circumstances decide which visa should be chosen. GCC countries are an exception in such scenarios. National of GCC countries can travel visa-free to Oman. Because of diplomatic agreements and relations between the countries, the Omani government has created an Oman e-Visa for GCC residents, offering residency holders cheaper entry into the country.

GCC applicants can apply for an online Oman visa and get instant approval. The visa grants quick and easy entry into the country. The applicants have to present the GCC passport at the Immigration desk at the entry point of Oman.

What are the grants of a GCC Resident Oman e-Visa?

This type of e-Visa is quite similar to the standard online Oman visa. When you enter Oman with this GCC document of permit, you gain:

  • A stay of 28-days stay in Oman.
  • Single entry into the country (for multiple entry visa, you will need to apply for a different visa)
  • The GCC Visa is permitted for direct entry from a GCC country (Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE)
  • It can be extended once only

Please remember that entry into the country under this visa is at the complete discretion of the Royal Oman Police. Applicants seeking commercial purposes in the nation should apply for a different visa.

Pre-requisites for an Oman e-Visa For GCC Residents

For successful Oman visa approvals, GCC countries applicants will need to:

  • Copy of valid GCC country passport
  • Passport with over 6-month validity
  • Copy of residence ID proof

If we follow these rules correctly, tourists and other visitors entering Oman with a GCC e-Visa can enjoy simpler and cheaper authorization to travel. If you seek to get an online Oman visa for GCC residents, we can quickly gain it in a few clicks. Follow the online instructions, and within just one day, applicants will be fully approved to enter the state of Oman.

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