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Oman is one of the first-class destinations in the Gulf. The country and its people are pretty content with their regal inheritance. Locals are known for their warmth and cordial behaviour. People across the globe also approach Oman for their commercial expansion.

Oman visit visa is needed when a tourist wishes to explore the country and its culture.

Who can enjoy an easy visit visa for Oman?

Travellers carrying the passport of certain countries do not require apply for a visa in advance. They can acquire a visa on arrival at the airport once they land in Oman. Countries with strong economies have different international ties with Oman. The ranking index is high, giving leverage to such travellers.

Travellers from other countries can also apply for Oman visit visas with significant pre-requisites.

The applicant's profession plays a significant role in visa approvals. Skilled workers like engineers, teachers, professors and medical practitioners easily acquire an Oman tourist visa.

30 days Oman visa

Visitors can apply for a 30 day Oman visa if their purpose is to visit the country and make delightful memories. The applicant's nationality plays a vital role in narrowing down the eligibility to apply for an online visa.

A month-long visa is valid for 30 days from the issue date. The valid stay that comes with this visa is 30 days from the date of entry. Applicants can enter and exit only once in the duration of their stay.

Customers who have availed of visa services from InstaOmanVisa.com enjoy perks that enable easy online visa processing.

Oman also facilitates a 1-year Oman visa with multiple entry. The visa comes with an option of many entries within one-year from the date of issue of the visa. The stay validity starts with the entry date. You can enjoy a continuous stay of 30 days. After making transit to any neighbouring country, the applicant can stay in Oman.

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