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Oman is one of the first-class destinations in the Gulf. The country and its people are pretty content with their regal inheritance. Locals are known for their warmth and cordial behaviour. People across the globe also approach Oman for their commercial expansion.

Perched on the very edge of the Arabian Peninsula, the Omani Sultanate is one of the most exotic destinations present on earth. With thrilling desert landscapes, ancient forts, and warm golden beaches, the land forms a part of every traveler consumed by wanderlust.

Blessed with stone forts, watchtowers, and mansions, the Sultanate of Oman is a bedazzling place that has been a favored tourist destination globally. With architectural masterpieces, charming museums, courtyard restaurants, and swanky shopping malls, the land know no bound. As such, the government provides Oman visit visas to further promote tourism in the country.

From the fjords of the renowned Musandam peninsula to the stunning Hajar mountains, every inch of Oman calls for your attention and time. As such, visit visas are sanctioned to help travelers explore unexplored Oman

A visit visa is required when a traveler wishes to delve deeper into the country's splendid culture. The travel permit enables the visitor to enter the concerned land, live inside the country for the mentioned time, and return before visa validity lapses.

Every country requires certain documents to sanction the visa. As such, different nationalities are required to produce the same to grab their preferred travel permit. In contrast, few countries are not required to apply for their visas in advance to visit Oman because of their diplomatic ties. But by and large, most nationalities are needed to apply for their travel permits beforehand. The applicant's profession plays a pivotal role in any of the visa approvals, wherein skilled workers like doctors and engineers easily acquire a visa.

An Oman visit visa price differs per the type of visa chosen by the applicant. If the visitor needs time to spend with his family, attend meetings and conferences or have some recreational purposes, they can apply for a 30-day Oman visa.

The month-long visa remains valid for 30 days from the date of issue, whereas the valid stay is 30 days from the date of entry. The travel permit is for single-entry, allowing the visitors to enter or exit the country only once.

The Sultanate provides Oman visit e-visa to help applicants from all over the world to travel to the country conveniently. An online visa is an electronic authorization that allows travelers from across the globe to apply for their travel permit, backed with proper connectivity.

One can apply for an online travel permit with minimum documentation, wherein the notification about the same is sent to the applicant's registered email address. One can track their visa application easily anytime, anywhere, using a reference ID. The applicant is also spared the need to stand at the immigration counter or submit the original document while applying for their visas.

The applicants can apply for an Oman visit visa through our website and revel in the beauty of Oman.

With the fertile Batinah coast and vast dunes of the Rub al-Khali and Wahiba deserts, the Sultanate of Oman offers several explorative options that one looks for while planning their travel itinerary. Low and high hills, rich flora and fauna, and welcoming people all contribute to the beauty of the Sultanate of Oman. Not only this, the country even offers innumerable activities that one can indulge in and weave a lifetime memory.

The applicant can look for their preferred Oman visit visa cost and apply for the same quickly and conveniently.

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