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Oman is a country of class attractions. The land has preserved its age-old culture and traditions with great responsibility and care. Locals are hospitable and warmly welcome visitors to learn their culture or set up their business. Oman tourist visa is a necessity while travelling to this part of the world.

From ancient aflaj oases irrigation system to possessing terraced orchards and dhows, the Sultanate of Oman sets the ideal setting for Sherzaad to tell a tale right out of "A Thousand and One Nights." Who would not get captivated by such a backdrop and tranquility? As such, the concerned authority gives an Oman tourist visa facility that people from across the globe can apply for through us.

One of the most vibrant cultures, the land offers many exciting and explorative opportunities that are hard to resist. Blessed with spectacular mosaics and minarets and palm-fringed wadis, the humble place has a sheen, unique to its kind. A haven for some of the most happening landscapes and cities in the Middle East, Oman exuberates exoticism in each facade of its being. With a stunning backdrop adorned with traditional whitewashed buildings and the ocean's cerulean blue, the paradisiacal land can be seen wearing a blanket of happiness and peacefulness.

With tourism flourishing in the nation, the concerned authority further assisted visitors by granting an Oman tourist visa online facility. An online travel permit is an electronic authorization that allows applicants to apply for their preferred visa from any corner of the world, backed by proper connectivity. The mentioned visa facility removes the need to physically visit the embassy or the consulate to begin the visa processing. Also, a minimum documentation requirement exists, unlike the sticker visa procedure.

Oman Tourist eVisa Online is an official document or stamp that allows an individual to enter the land for the purpose of leisure and tourism. The travel permit allows the holder to stay in the nation for a short period, ranging from a few days to months. During the stay, the traveler cannot engage in any non-tourist activity or indulge in any type of work.

Oman comes under GCC countries, because of which the nationals get visa-free entry to other GCC nations due to their ties and diplomatic relations with such nations. Unlike them, GCC residents have to apply for a visa. However, they get cheaper entry into the country and instant approval. The residents need to present a copy of a valid GCC country passport with a six months validity and a copy of residence ID proof to apply for their visa.

As such, with the visa, one can dip in the land's beauty and revel in nature's lap. The Oman tourist visa price differs per the type of travel permit chosen, and the facility selected, whether regular or express.

A perfect escape for all nature-buffs, Oman is a living testimony of how when nature, left untouched, can change your surroundings and landscapes, transmitting serenity and calmness. A perfect kaleidoscope of rich heritage, culture, traditions, and customs, the country perfectly carves a place for itself on the world map.

A land that offers nothing but the best to each of its admirers must form a part of your travel itinerary. A surfeit of natural wonders awaits you!

What you're waiting for when you can enjoy it all today?

Get going and explore the endangered sea turtles, the world's largest sand desert, and everything you have not thought about yet!


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