Oman's most prominent event for the Food and Hospitality industry is all set to return. The festival shall commence on Oct 26 and last till Oct 28, 2022. It is a global exhibition that caters to companies and industry stakeholders to promote the newest addition of products and services. This exhibition in Oman mainly revolves around the agriculture industry, food processing technologies, kitchen wares, catering equipment, etc. Not only this, hotel supplies and cafe segments are also a part of it.

The event offers you an opportunity to learn about the advancement in the food and hospitality industries. Taking part in FHO will give you knowledge about the latest products. Also, it gives travellers deep insights into market information and creative business ideas. An Oman visa is an ideal option to participate in this biggest exhibition.

food and hospitality workshop in oman

Food & Hospitality Oman Workshop (Oct 26 to Oct 28, 2022)

Food & Hospitality Oman provides you with easy access to attend the FHO Workshop. It is going to take place at Oman Convention & Exhibition Center, Muscat, Oman. In the fourth year, it will organise a workshop for the investors relating to the food ecosystem. The workshop will mainly include manufacturers, packers, transporters, retailers, food safety professionals, etc. "Together for safe food" will be the theme of this year. The food festival in Oman will acquaint you with various items and things related to the hospitality industry.

food festival in Oman


To gear up the hospitality industry in Oman, the event plays a pivotal role. As a result, it will add to Oman's GDP.

Oman Barista Competition

barista exhibition competition in oman

The Sultanate of Oman hosts the most advanced Oman Barista Competition. It touches every section of creativity regarding the artistic style of making coffee. Coming again with its 8th Edition in 2022, the visitors have the opportunity to delve into the creation of the Sultanate's finest Baristas. The coffee festival in Oman excels at different levels with some of the Baristas' professionals.

Qahwa Competition

qahwa exhibition competition in oman

Qahwa holds immense importance in Omani culture. It is a fascinating reflection of the locals' hospitality, expressing extraordinary warmth and welcome gesture. This year, Medina Ilyas and Al Roofoof Hotel Supplies & Trading will showcase its first Oman Qahwa Championship at FHO. The doors will be opened for participants with knowledge of Qahwa history, its preparation methods and serving etiquette. Along with this, those taking part in this festival will be given a chance to present their family recipes and showcase their signature drinks. Being a part of this event will be one of the top things to do in Oman. Upon the completion of the initial selection phase, the entire list of rules and regulations will be provided to the participants.

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Chef Competition

chef exhibition competition in oman

Creative & Innovative! These two words suit this inspirational championship. Yes, we are talking about the premier Chef Competition. As per this contest, the chefs are given a platform to open their wings to show their culinary talent. It mainly aims at highlighting exceptional chefs' skills and boosting the HORECA industry. Oman Chef's Guild (OCG), a nonprofit entity, consists of professional chefs as well as those coming from the hospitality industry in Oman. The motto of OCG is to spread awareness about the importance of being a devoted chef in the industry. It hosts events and competitions, intending to cultivate more and more interest in young chefs.

Waiters Race

barista exhibition competition in Oman

Another attraction of this year at the Food & Hospitality Oman is the Waiters Race. With thrills and spills around the event, the competition offers the visitors a unique site to witness. The race is all about testing the skills of a waiter, and how timely and precisely they manage to serve the customers. The race actually rests on ability, speed, technique and coordination of teamwork. In view of all this, arrange an Oman tour, visit the event and enjoy this unusual sporting event.

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What attraction lies in attending this Expo?

exhibition and festival in oman

The festival inspires a large number of visitors, comprising experts from the food, beverages and hospitality industry. They are motivated to attend the exhibition and the conference every year. You must attend this Expo to enhance your network and build a better relationship with the existing businessman. This will help you learn about new perspectives and explore better revenue-generation methods. Oman tourist visa is the only source to achieve great success in your field. You will also get a chance to come in contact with related professionals in one place. It will add to the knowledge of the visitors as well as finding new career opportunities.

This event affords the best opportunity for those who are keen to enter this business field and establish themselves in the areas of their interest. Besides this Oman exhibition, the visitors will come across a myriad of exciting features. Some of the top names are the Bed-Making competition, Waiters Race & Chef Competition.

Another added attraction would be to see the world's top-class chefs competing with each other creating new culinary art and amazing dishes. Not only this, there is one more competition through which you can choose the best Barista in Oman. The excellence of the show, which is touching heights, will attract you to choose an Oman visa. While exploring this place, you may find dignitaries as well as top bureaucrats of the Sultanate of Oman.

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food events exhibition and festival in oman

How can you reach the place?

Located only 10 minutes from the new Muscat International Airport, a world-class transportation facility is available around the clock. The FHO organises international, regional and local exhibitions. Of all the major events in Oman, this is one of them. Some conventions, concerts, and tradeshows are other attractions of the place.

Location: Amman Center Convention and Exhibition, Muscat, Oman

Our visa services signify and symbolise how we have been striving to realise your aspiration to reach the Sultanate of Oman! As the festival is around the corner, just appreciate our endeavour and reach out to us for an Oman tourist visa. We have put in our best to apprise you of the importance of the Oman event and assure to keep you updated with further developments.